Why Rick?

As Your Clerk I will

  • Restore honesty, integrity, and accountability back to the office
  • Balance the budget and ensure the General Sessions Court Clerk office is self-sufficient
  • Establish random audits within the office for quality control
  • Provide quality services for those who need the office
  • Continue programs to combat domestic violence including the elderly, children, and pets

In 1996, former State Rep. Chris Turner defeated John Ford to head up the GSCC.  Turner provided solid management of the office and returned $13 million to county taxpayers over the length of his term. Ford was later convicted of bribery in the Tennessee Waltz scandal. Since County elections are partisan, several nominees of the Democratic Party had come close to defeating Chris Turner despite his stellar record in office.  2004 Democratic nominee Roscoe Dixon was later convicted of bribery and extortion.  In 2008, in a wave election that propelled Democratic candidates into office, former basketball player and perennial candidate Otis Jackson was elected.  Within just two years, an office that had been known as one of the most well-run agencies of county government started to become a public embarrassment.

First came the stories of lavish parties being held in the office and paid for by taxpayers.  Then we learned that he was demanding that his employees raise funds for his re-election campaign in order to keep their jobs.

Here is just a sampling of the articles from the Commercial Appeal detailing the mismanagement, incompetence, and even criminal misdeeds regarding Otis Jackson’s term in office:

Finally, Otis Jackson was suspended and removed from office.  While we have no reason yet to question the integrity of his fellow Democratic replacement, it is clear that a change in the office is desperately needed.  Rick Rout will provide the change to get this important office back on track.


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